We generate, develop and visualise ideas.

Creativity isn’t witchcraft or magic, it is a human process. Some clients like us to come to them with ideas, others like us to work together to develop and refine ideas they have had. Our experience in creative development, production and post production can make the journey from an idea to the screen efficient and effective.


We plan, organise and produce films.

We offer scalable production options: Self shooting directors/editors, small documentary crews with skilled interviewers, larger creative units for higher budget branded films and commercials.

Our versatile team creates engaging content for contemporary platforms: streaming video for social, mobile and browsers, High definition and Ultra High definition content for broadcast, museum/gallery displays, cinema and public urban displays.


For when the real world isn’t enough.

The rapid advances in creative technology have made post production techniques and processes faster and much more affordable. It is now possible to offer colour grading of HD/UHD material, computer generated imagery, visual effects, compositing and motion graphics to projects with modest budgets.

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